What’s new and changed with MariaDB 10.8?

What’s new and changed with MariaDB 10.8?

Added support for IN,OUT and INOUT qualifying parameters for stored functions in MariaDB 10.8, MariaDB already supports IN, OUT and INOUT parameters. This contribution was made by ManoharKB

The lag-free ALTER TABLE MariaDB Replication: In MariaDB 10.8, ALTER TABLE gets replicated and starts executing on replicas when it starts executing on the primary, not when it finishes. So the replication lag caused by a heavy ALTER TABLE can be completely eliminated (MDEV-11675).

MariaDB 10.8 support Descending Indexes: You can now explicitly sort individual columns in ascending or descending order improving performance on selected ORDER BY cases (MDEV-13756, MDEV-26938, MDEV-26939, MDEV-26996)

InnoDB redo log improvements:

JSON storage for Histograms in the statistics table 

Histograms in the statistics table are stored as JSON and not binary (MDEV-21130, MDEV-26519, blog post).

Improvements on Spider Storage Engine 

You can now declare Spider connections with REMOTE_SERVER, REMOTE_DATABASE, and REMOTE_TABLE attributes and not abuse the COMMENT field for that. This feature works for both the whole table and per partition (MDEV-5271, MDEV-27106).

MariaDB 10.8 mariadb-binlog with GTID support 

MariaDB 10.8 binary logs/mysqlbinlog (mariadb-binlog) GTID support both filtering events by GTID ranges through –start-position and –stop-position, and validating a binary log’s ordering of GTIDs through –gtid-strict-mode (MDEV-4989).

MariaDB 10.8 new system variables 

For a detailed list of all new MariaDB 10.8 variables, Please check  System Variables Added in MariaDB 10.8 and Status Variables Added in MariaDB 10.8.

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