MySQL DBA Script – Monitoring MySQL Application (SQL) efficiency: Latency and Throughput

Troubleshooting MySQL performance for both Latency and Throughput (MySQL DBA Scripts)


Being a full-time MySQL Performance Engineer, the most important part of my job is troubleshooting MySQL performance using the relevant matrix for Root Cause Analysis of performance bottlenecks. In MySQL, The Performance_Schema and SYS are a plethora of data useful for the performance health checks, forensics and diagnostics of Database Infrastructure Operations. In this post, I wanted to identify the most expensive SQLs in MySQL by Memory (RAM) consumption. I also wanted to understand how MySQL locks and wait events influence Response Time/Latency and Throughput, so I included details like LOCK TYPE, LOCK MODE, LOCKED DATA, etc.

MySQL DBA Script for troubleshooting SQL performance (latency & throughput), Also understanding how MySQL Locks and Wait Events are influencing performance:

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