A boutique private-label enterprise-class MySQL, MariaDB, MyRocks, PostgreSQL and ClickHouse consulting, 24*7 consultative support and remote DBA services company based out of San Francisco Bay Area with core expertise in performance, scalability and high availability. Our consultants have several years of experience in architecting and building web-scale database infrastructure operations for internet properties from diversified verticals like CDN, Mobile Advertising Networks, E-Commerce, Social Media Applications, SaaS, Gaming and Digital Payment Solutions. Our globally distributed team working on multiple timezones guarantee 24*7 Consulting, Support and Remote DBA Services delivery for MySQL, MariaDB, MyRocks, PostgreSQL and ClickHouse. You can hire us for as-low-as 40 hours and we bill for only hours worked, Our Pay-As-You-Go billing model made us affordable for startups and large corporations equally. Our remote DBA services team monitor your database infrastructure operations 24*7 and proactively troubleshoot the issues before they start impacting your business. We are completely an customer-centric enterprise-class database systems consulting, support and remote DBA services company, We are committed to customer success and our business goals are biased to create maximum value for customers from their database infrastructure investments. You can download MinervaDB Corporate Profile PDF to understand our business offerings and technology focus

If you are keen on understanding full-stack Database Infrastructure Optimization from MinervaDB, Please download our Open Source Database Infrastructure Operations offerings/subscriptions factsheet here

At MinervaDB, We are committed to building and managing optimal, scalable, highly reliable and secured Database Infrastructure Operations for our customers globally.

Shiv Iyer (Founder and Principal of MinervaDB Inc.)

☛ MinervaDB Technical Expertise

  • PostgreSQL – PostgreSQL Architecure/Internals optimization, PostgreSQL custom engineering services/feature development, PostgreSQL performance troubleshootin/optimization, PostgreSQL DBA Services, PostgreSQL replication/scale-out solutions, PostgreSQL bug fixing/patching serives and PostgreSQL upgrades/migration.
  • MySQL –  MySQL (GA and Enterprise) ; InnoDB ; MySQL NDB Cluster ; InnoDB Cluster  ; MySQL performance monitoring and trending.
  • MariaDB – MariaDB Server ; MariaDB Backup ; MariaDB MaxScale ; MariaDB ColumnStore ; MariaDB Spider.
  • Percona Server – Percona toolkit ; XtraBackup ; Percona XtraDB Cluster ; TokuDB.
  • Building and troubleshooting web-scale database infrastructure operations using MyRocks / RocksDB.
  • InnoDB / XtraDB – Performance optimization ; troubleshooting and data recovery services.
  • Performance benchmarking – Measure response time, throughput and recommendations.
  • Capacity planning and sizing – Building infrastructure for performance, scalability and reliability for database operations proactively.
  • Performance health check, diagnostics and forensics – Monitor your database performance 24*7 and Proactively troubleshoot.
  • Performance optimization and tuning – High performance MySQL, Maximum reliability of your database infrastructure operations.
  • Designing optimal schema (logical and physical) – Size it right first time and build an optimal data lifecycle management system.
  • SQL performance tuning – Measure SQL performance by response time and conservative SQL engineering practices.
  • Disk I/O tuning – Distribute disk operations optimally across the storage layer and build archiving plan early / proactively.
  • High availability and site reliability engineering – Self healing database infrastructure operations, auto-failover and cross-DC availability services.
  • Galera Cluster operations and troubleshooting.
  • Continuent Tungsten operations and troubleshooting.
  • MySQL load balancing solutions using HAProxy, ProxySQL, MySQL Router.
  • Data recovery services – Building robust disaster recovery solutions, zero data loss systems and multi-location backup retention.
  • Sharding and horizontal partitioning solutions – Building scalable database infrastructure for planet-scale internet properties.
  • Database clustering solutions – Grow your MySQL infrastructure horizontally for performance, scalability and availability.
  • Scale-out and replication – Building maximum availability database infrastructure operations.
  • Database security – Database firewall, transaction audit and secured data operations.
  • Database upgrades and migration – Seamless upgrades and migration of database infrastructure on zero downtime.
  • ClickHouse – ClickHouse consulting, support and training.
  • PostgreSQL Consulting, Support and RemoteDBA Services.
  • Cloud DBA Services – IaaS and DBaaS including Oracle Cloud, Google CloudSQL, Amazon Aurora, AWS RDS®, EC2®, Microsoft Azure® and Rackspace® Cloud.

To know more about how you can partner with MinervaDB to build Open Source Database Infrastructure Ecosystem for Performance, Scalability and Reliability, Please download our flyer here

Unleashing the Power of Open Source: Why CIOs Choose PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and ClickHouse for Data Modernization and Digital Transformation?

  1. Open Source Nature: These database systems are open source, which means they offer flexibility, transparency, and cost savings. CIOs appreciate the ability to access and modify the source code, enabling customization and avoiding vendor lock-in.
  2. Mature and Established: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and ClickHouse have been around for many years, making them reliable and well-tested solutions. They have large user communities, extensive documentation, and a wealth of knowledge and resources available.
  3. Scalability and Performance: These database systems offer excellent scalability and performance capabilities. They can handle large data volumes, high transaction rates, and concurrent user access, making them suitable for modern data-intensive applications.
  4. High Availability and Fault Tolerance: CIOs value the built-in features of these database systems that ensure high availability and fault tolerance. Replication, clustering, and automated failover mechanisms minimize downtime and ensure continuous operation.
  5. Data Security: Data security is a top concern for CIOs. These database systems offer robust security features such as data encryption, access controls, user authentication, and auditing capabilities. They comply with various industry standards and regulations.
  6. Extensive Ecosystem: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and ClickHouse have extensive ecosystems with a wide range of tools, libraries, frameworks, and extensions. CIOs can leverage this ecosystem to enhance their data management, analytics, and integration capabilities.
  7. Compatibility and Interoperability: These database systems are compatible with various operating systems, programming languages, and data integration tools. They can easily integrate with existing IT infrastructures, enabling seamless data exchange and interoperability.
  8. Cost-Effective Solution: CIOs appreciate the cost-effectiveness of these database systems. As open source solutions, they eliminate expensive licensing fees associated with proprietary databases. Additionally, they offer cost-saving benefits such as lower hardware requirements and reduced maintenance costs.
  9. Community Support: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and ClickHouse have vibrant and active communities of developers and users. CIOs can benefit from community support, online forums, and knowledge-sharing platforms, ensuring timely assistance and access to expertise.
  10. Innovation and Future-Proofing: These database systems continue to evolve and embrace new technologies and trends. CIOs see them as future-proof solutions that can support their organization’s evolving needs, including cloud deployment, big data analytics, and machine learning.

Why engage with the globally distributed (truly 24*7 operational ) MinervaDB Remote DBA Team to manage your mission-critical Database Infrastructure Operations under strict SLAs?

  • Installation and configuration – Custom installation and configuration of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and Percona Server .
  • Optimal schema design and SQL engineering – Design and build optimal schema and SQL for performance and scalability.
  • Optimal indexing – Design optimal indexes and re-write / tune SQL to use indexes efficiently.
  • Capacity planning and sizing – Proactively sizing CPU, memory, storage and network for future growth.
  • Performance health check and diagnostics – Proactive performance audit and health check to avoid potential performance bottleneck.
  • Performance optimization and tuning – Tuning hardware, Linux, PostgreSQL and MySQL for performance, scalability and reliability.
  • SQL optimization – Optimize SQL on response time, execution plan efficiency and index usage.
  • Disk I/O tuning – Tuning disk for transaction performance, faster recovery and reliability.
  • Scale-out and replication – Synchronous and asynchronous replication solution addressing performance, scalability and reliability.
  • High availability and site reliability engineering services – Multi-DC MySQL high availability and reliability expertise.
  • Galera Cluster operations and troubleshooting.
  • Continuent Tungsten operations and troubleshooting.
  • MySQL load balancing solutions using HAProxy, ProxySQL, MySQL Router.
  • Sharding and clustering solutions – Architecting and developing custom sharding solutions.
  • Data recovery services – Building robust disaster recovery solutions, zero data loss systems and multi-location backup retention.
  • Database security – Database firewall, transaction audit and secured data operations.
  • Database upgrades and migration – Seamless upgrades and migration of database infrastructure on zero downtime.

☛ MinervaDB Benefits

  • Vendor neutral and independent, Enterprise-class consulting, 24*7 support and remote DBA services for MySQL, MariaDB, MyRocks, PostgreSQL and ClickHouse.
  • Virtual corporation with an global team of seasoned professionals – We have consultants operating from multiple locations worldwide, All of us work from home and stay connected via email, Google Hangouts, Skype, private IRC, WhatsApp, Telegram and phone. Being an virtual corporation we can hire the best talent from anywhere in the world, This makes an truly 24*7 operational team.
  • Competitive pricing – We are an virtual corporation so we don’t charge the customers for our infrastructure cost, What you pay us goes purely for our unmatched technology team.
  • We operate 24*7 – Our team operates from multiple locations worldwide so we are available 24*7.
  • Pay As You Go billing model – You pay us only for the hours worked, We don’t ask for advances ever !! We are committed to delivering cost efficient consulting, support and services for our customers globally.
  • Transparent ticketing system – We share with you the detailed work report of what we have done for your database infrastructure, This also includes how you will get benefitted with change we have done. We love absolutes transparency and detailed documentation.
  • Emergency support available for you even when you are not our customer, Emergency support channels – Email, Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype and Phone.
  • Pay per incident option available – You need our support in just fixing a single incident ? No problem, We have that option available.
  • Vacation DBA Service – We can support your database infrastructure operations when the resident DBA is on a holiday / vacation so you can guarantee an optimal work-life balance for your DBA.
  • Big Data Analytics and Columnar Store expertise – MariaDB ColumnStore and ClickHouse
  • Vendor neutral and Independent – Consulting, Enterprise-Class 24*7  Support and Remote DBA Services for MySQL, MariaDB, MyRocks, PostgreSQL and ClickHouse

☛ Technology focus – Vendor neutral and independent

Technology FocusTools and Technologies
LinuxUbuntu, Debian, CentOS, Red Hat Linux, Oracle Linux and SUSE Linux.
MySQLMySQL GA, MySQL Enterprise, InnoDB, MySQL Enterprise Backup, MySQL Cluster CGE, MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Utilities, MySQL Enterprise Audit, MySQL Enterprise Firewall and MySQL Router.
PerconaPercona Server for MySQL, XtraDB, TokuDB, RocksDB, Percona Toolkit, Percona XtraBackup and PMM(Percona Monitoring & Management).
MariaDBMariaDB Server, RocksDB, MariaDB Galera Cluster, MariaDB Backup, MariaDB MaxScale and MariaDB ColumnStore.
PostgreSQLPostgreSQL Performance Benchmarking, Capacity Planning / Sizing, PostgreSQL Performance Optimization, PostgreSQL High Availability / Database Reliability Engineering, PostgreSQL Upgrades / Migration and PostgreSQL Security
Cloud DBA ServicesIaaS and DBaaS including: Oracle Cloud, Google CloudSQL, Amazon Aurora, AWS RDS®, EC2®, Microsoft Azure® and Rackspace® Cloud
Performance Monitoring and Trending PlatformsMySQL Enterprise Monitor, Icinga, Zabbix, Prometheus and Grafana.
High Availability, Scale-Out, Replication and Load BalancerMySQL Group Replication, MySQL Cluster CGE, InnoDB Cluster, Galera Cluster, Percona XtraDB Cluster, MariaDB MaxScale, Continuent Tungsten Replicator, MHA (Master High Availability Manager and tools for MySQL), HAProxy, ProxySQL, MySQL Router and Vitess.
Columnar Database SystemsClickHouse, MariaDB ColumnStore
DevOps. and AutomationVagrant, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ganglia, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Consul, JIRA, Graylog and Grafana.


☛ Key Reasons Global Corporations Choose MinervaDB for Advanced, Scalable, and Secure Database Solutions

  1. Expertise in Diverse Database Technologies: MinervaDB’s proficiency spans across popular open-source databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and MyRocks, ensuring clients receive specialized knowledge tailored to each database system’s unique characteristics and best practices.

  2. Customized Scalability Solutions: Recognizing the distinct scalability needs of global corporations, MinervaDB designs and implements bespoke scaling strategies, ensuring databases efficiently handle growing data volumes and user loads without compromising on performance.

  3. Focus on High Reliability and Security: With a strong emphasis on database reliability and security, MinervaDB provides robust solutions that minimize downtime and protect sensitive data, crucial for maintaining trust and operational integrity in global business operations.

  4. Performance Optimization: MinervaDB’s team of experts adeptly identifies and resolves performance bottlenecks, optimizing database configurations and queries for peak performance, which is essential for businesses demanding high-speed data processing and analytics.

  5. Proactive and Comprehensive Support: Offering end-to-end support, MinervaDB proactively addresses potential issues before they escalate, while also providing ongoing maintenance and consultation, ensuring their clients’ database infrastructures consistently meet business objectives.

☛ Partial list of customers ( from approximately 500 globally) – What we did for them ?

  • Fox Media – MySQL Consultative Support and Managed Remote DBA
  • Shutterfly – MySQL Consultative Support
  • Instacart – MySQL Consultative Support
  • Sabre Corporation – MySQL Consultative Support and Managed Services
  • Verisign – PostgreSQL Consultative Support and Managed Services
  • Twitch – MySQL Consultative Support
  • Home Depot – MySQL Consultative Support
  • Comcast Media Networks – MariaDB Consultative Support
  • Viacom – PostgreSQL Consultative Support and Remote DBA
  • APC – PostgreSQL Consultative Support and Remote DBA Services
  • Prada – PostgreSQL Consultative Support and Remote DBA Services
  • Tiffany & Co – PostgreSQL Consultative Support and Remote DBA Services
  • Tiffany & Co – ClickHouse Consultative Support
  • Strabag – PostgreSQL Consultative Support and Remote DBA Services
  • Danone – MySQL Consultative Support
  • Asahi – PostgreSQL Consultative Support and Remote DBA Services
  • Castel Group – MySQL Consultative Support and Remote DBA Services
  • Shell Petroleum – PostgreSQL Consultative Support
  • GoDaddy – MySQL Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • Grab – MySQL Consulting and Professional Services
  • DataCloud – MySQL Consulting and Professional Services
  • Garmin – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • ClassPlus – Amazon RDS Support and Managed DBA Services
  • ClassPlus – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • MPL – PostgreSQL Consulting and Managed DBA Services
  • WrestleMania – MySQL Consultative Support
  • Kirin – PostgreSQL Consultative Support
  • Blue Dart – ClickHouse Consulting / Professional Services and Enterprise-Class Consultative Support
  • LibLynx – MySQL Consulting and Managed Remote DBA Services
  • SriLankan Airlines – PostgreSQL Consultative Support
  • Callaway Golf – MySQL Consultative Support
  • YONEX – MySQL Consultative Support
  • BharatPe – MySQL and ClickHouse Consultative Support
  • Dean Food Group – MySQL Remote DBA and Consultative Support
  • Flip.id – MySQL Consultative Support
  • Fitbit – MySQL Consulting and Support
  • Sprint Global – PostgreSQL Enterprise-Class Consultative Support
  • Sony – PostgreSQL Consultative Support and Managed Remote DBA Services
  • Chevrolet – PostgreSQL Remote DBA Services and Enterprise Support
  • BankBazaar– MariaDB consultative support and Remote DBA services
  • MIX– MySQL Consulting and Professional Services
  • AOL– Performance benchmarking, capacity planning & sizing, Remote DBA Services and Site Reliability Engineering Services
  • eBay– Remote DBA services, MySQL DevOps. & automation, on-call DBA Support (24*7) and MySQL upgrades / migration
  • Forbes.com– Remote DBA services, architecting & building highly available MySQL infrastructure operations and consulting & professional services for MySQL
  • National Geographic– MySQL Consulting & Professional services, performance audit & optimization and MySQL upgrades
  • Apigee– PostgreSQL Support and Remote DBA Services
  • PayPal– MySQL Consulting & Professional Services, MySQL performance audit & recommendations and MySQL SRE
  • Yahoo– MySQL Consulting & Professional services, on-call DBA Services and MySQL Emergency Support
  • The New York Times Company – MySQL Consultative Support and Remote DBA
  • Priceline.com – Consulting & Professional Services for MySQL & Percona Server for MySQL, Performance optimization & tuning and MySQL SRE
  • Freshdesk – MySQL performance audit & recommendation, MySQL scale-out & replication solutions and MySQL Consultancy
  • OLA – MySQL Consultative Support
  • Flipkart – MySQL Consulting Services and MySQL Consultative Support
  • Paytm– MySQL Consultative Support
  • PetSmart– MySQL Consulting Services and MySQL Consultative Support
  • CallForAmerica – MySQL Consultative Support
  • SunTec Business Solutions – MariaDB Consulting and Support
  • ESPN – Architected & deployed MySQL high availability solution and MySQL Consulting & Professional Services
  • Mashable – MySQL Consulting Services and Remote DBA Services
  • Proteans – MySQL performance audit & optimization and MySQL Consulting & Professional Services
  • Symphony Software – MySQL performance audit & recommendations, custom MySQL sharding solution and MySQL upgrades / migration
  • Yatra – MySQL Consultative Support
  • Justdial– MySQL Consultative Support
  • Victoria’s Secret– MySQL performance audit & recommendations and MySQL replication solutions
  • Airpush– MySQL Remote DBA Services and MySQL Consultancy
  • Virsec – Remote DBA services and Consulting & Professional Services
  • Go-Jek – Deployed MySQL high availability solution using Percona XtraDB Cluster, MySQL emergency support, performance optimization and Consultative Support
  • Midtrans – 24*7 MySQL Remote DBA Services, MySQL high availability & fault tolerance solution using Percona XtraDB Cluster & ProxySQL and MySQL Consultative Support
  • Bukalapak– MySQL Consultative Support
  • Sequoia Capital – MySQL Professional Services, Remote DBA Services & Consultative Support for Sequoia APAC and Southeast Asia portfolio companies
  • Housing.com – Consultative support and PostgreSQL Consulting Services
  • Electronic Arts – MySQL Consulting Services addressing performance and scalability
  • Adyen – MySQL Consulting and Professional Services
  • Pinterest – MySQL Consulting & Professional services addressing performance and scalability
  • Thomson Reuters Corporation – PostgreSQL Remote DBA Managed Services

☛ Customer testimonials

” Shiv is a expert in MySQL performance, He can fine tune MySQL performance at instance, application and infrastructure level in a shortest duration, I would love to hire him again. “

David  Hutton
Head of IT operations
National Geographic

” If it’s about MySQL performance and scalability, I will first call Shiv and He has helped us several times in building optimal, scalable and highly available MySQL infrastructure operations.

Mark Gray
IT Manager
Nike Technologies

” MinervaDB manages our entire PostgreSQL Database Infrastructure Operations in Chevrolet. They are highly responsive and customer success driven, We strongly recommend MinervaDB for Enterprise-Class Database Infrastructure Operations Support and Remote DBA Services. “

Bill Burke
Infrastructure Operations Manager

” If you are building an highly reliable MySQL ecosystem, Hiring Shiv and his team will simplify your project. He is a guru to build an highly available and fault tolerant web property. “ 

Kevin Thomson
Business Head – Media properties

” Shiv and his team built an custom MySQL high availability solution for us across data centers which enabled 24*7*365 availability of our business services. His Soultions are non vendor biased and cost efficient. “

Keshav Patel
Group Manager – IT

” Thinking about outsourcing your DBA function ? Shiv is the guy who you should be talking to, He can build an highly reliable 24*7 remote DBA team for an fraction of cost to hiring a Sr. level resident DBA. “

Brian Lewis
Lead Systems Engineer

” The shortest notice emergency DBA support provider I have ever worked with, They are highly responsive and professional. If we suspect something going wrong with our database systems, The immediate action item is contact Shiv and his team. “

Sherly Williams
Manager -Business Continuity
GAP Inc.

” We have contracted MinervaDB for 24*7 remote DBA services, They delivered MySQL maximum reliability and availability solutions ahead of the project schedule using 100% open source and free tools, saving considerably our IT budget. “

Simon Matthew
IT Manager – Media & Entertainment
Vodafone PLC 

” Our database infrastructure operations was highly unreliable till we engaged Shiv Iyer and his globally distributed team of consultants, Now we have 24*7 access to expert DBA(s) for a fraction of cost to hiring a resident full-time DBA. “

Kerry Jones
Head  – IT Operations
The BestBuy Inc

” Very professional 24*7 DBA Ops. team ! They built highly reliable and fault tolerant MariaDB Infrastructure Operations for Honda customer connect internet properties cost efficiently. “

Rikuto Takashi
GM  – IT Operations

☛ MinervaDB contacts – Sales & General Inquiries

Business FunctionContact
☎ CONTACT GLOBAL SALES (24*7)📞 (844) 588-7287 (USA)
📞 (415) 212-6625 (USA)
📞 (778) 770-5251 (Canada)
☎ TOLL FREE PHONE (24*7)📞 (844) 588-7287
🚩 MINERVADB FAX+1 (209) 314-2364
📨 MinervaDB Email - General / Sales / Consultingcontact@minervadb.com
📨 MinervaDB Email - Supportsupport@minervadb.com
📨 MinervaDB Email -Remote DBAremotedba@minervadb.com
📨 Shiv Iyer Email - Founder and Principalshiv@minervadb.com
CA 91723
🏠 CORPORATE ADDRESS: HOUSTONMinervaDB Inc., 1321 Upland Dr. PMB 19322, Houston,
TX, 77043, US

To know how we can help you in architecting and building an enterprise-class web-scale database infrastructure operations, please book for an appointment here or send email to contact@minervadb.com 

P.S. – You can download MinervaDB Inc. NDA here