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PostgreSQL 13 Character Set Support

PostgreSQL 13 Character Set Support The character set support in PostgreSQL allows you to store text in a variety of character sets (also called encodings), including single-byte character sets such as the ISO 8859 series […]

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MySQL 8 Query Rewriter Plugins and DDL Rewriter

Optimizing MySQL 8 performance with Query Rewriter Plugins and DDL Rewriter  When you are building a Database Systems Infrastructure for performance of an WebScale application, the optimal query performance is very important for both customer […]

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SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS Walk SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS is a specific form of the SHOW ENGINE statement that displays the InnoDB Monitor  output, which is extensive InnoDB information which can be useful in diagnosing […]

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PostgreSQL DBA

PostgreSQL DBA Daily Checklist

The daily checklist of a PostgreSQL DBA We often get this question, What are the most important things a PostgreSQL DBA should do to guarantee optimal performance and reliability, Do we have checklist for PostgreSQL […]

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MinervaDB Athena

MinervaDB Athena 2020 – Karthik.P.R

MySQL Shell for Database Engineers by Karthik.P.R Karthik.P.R of Mydbops spoke about how MySQL shell can be used for Database Infrastructure Operations on MinervaDB Athena 2020, His topic was “MySQL Shell for Database Engineers”. The […]