Step-by-Step Guide to Migrating from PostgreSQL 11 to 15 Using pg_upgrade


To use pg_upgrade for migrating from PostgreSQL 11 to PostgreSQL 15, follow these steps:

Runbook to Migrate from PostgreSQL 11 to 15

  1. Install PostgreSQL 15: Install the new PostgreSQL version alongside the old one without removing PostgreSQL 11.
  2. Prepare the Environment:
    • Stop the PostgreSQL 11 server.
    • Ensure both versions have the same locale and encoding settings.
  3. Run pg_upgrade:
    • Use the pg_upgrade tool provided with PostgreSQL 15.
    • Run it as the same user owning the database processes.
    • Specify the old and new data directories and server binaries.
  4. Example Command:
  5. Post-Upgrade Steps:
    • Start the PostgreSQL 15 server.
    • Run ANALYZE to update statistics.
    • Check for any deprecated features or compatibility issues.
  6. Testing:
    • Test your applications against the new server.
    • Monitor for performance and stability.


Make sure to backup your data before starting the upgrade process. Additionally, testing the upgrade in a non-production environment first is highly recommended.

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