SQL/JSON patches committed to PostgreSQL 15!

That’s great news! PostgreSQL 15 brings new enhancements to handle JSON data more efficiently. Some of the SQL/JSON patches committed to PostgreSQL 15 include:

  1. JSON Table Functions: PostgreSQL 15 introduces JSON table functions that allow you to query JSON data as if it were a table. This simplifies the process of extracting and manipulating JSON data within SQL queries.
  2. JSON Path Expressions: PostgreSQL 15 supports JSON path expressions, which enable you to navigate and filter JSON data using a syntax similar to XPath. This allows for more advanced querying and manipulation of JSON documents.
  3. JSON Schema Validation: PostgreSQL 15 introduces support for JSON schema validation, allowing you to enforce data integrity and validation rules on JSON data stored in the database. This ensures that the JSON data conforms to a defined schema, improving data quality and consistency.
  4. JSON Indexing Improvements: PostgreSQL 15 includes improvements in JSON indexing, making it more efficient to query and retrieve data from JSON columns. This enhances the performance of queries involving JSON data, especially when combined with other indexing techniques.
  5. JSONB Path Expressions: PostgreSQL 15 enhances the JSONB data type by introducing support for path expressions. Path expressions allow you to navigate and query JSONB data using a syntax similar to JSON path expressions. This provides more flexibility and power when working with JSONB data.
  6. JSON Table Creation: PostgreSQL 15 introduces the ability to create tables directly from JSON data using the new JSON_TABLE function. This allows you to define a table structure based on the JSON structure and automatically populate the table with JSON data.
  7. JSON Schema Support: PostgreSQL 15 enhances JSON schema support by adding additional validation functions and operators. You can now validate JSON data against a schema using functions like json_validate and jsonb_validate, ensuring data integrity and consistency.
  8. JSONB Scalar Functions: PostgreSQL 15 introduces new scalar functions for JSONB data manipulation. These functions include jsonb_set, jsonb_insert, and jsonb_delete, which allow you to modify JSONB data by adding, updating, or deleting specific elements.
  9. JSON Indexing for Path Expressions: PostgreSQL 15 improves the performance of JSON path expressions by introducing index support. You can now create indexes on JSON path expressions, enabling faster lookup and retrieval of JSON data based on specific path expressions.
  10. JSON Table Joins: PostgreSQL 15 enhances the SQL/JSON capabilities by introducing support for JSON table joins. You can now join multiple JSON tables using common keys or attributes, allowing for more complex and comprehensive queries involving JSON data.
  11. JSON Table Updates: PostgreSQL 15 introduces the ability to update JSON data directly in a table using the new JSON_TABLE_UPDATE function. This allows you to modify specific elements or properties within a JSON document without having to rewrite the entire JSON structure.
  12. JSON Path Functions: PostgreSQL 15 adds new functions for working with JSON path expressions. These functions include json_path_exists, json_path_value, and json_path_query, which enable you to perform various operations like checking if a path exists, extracting a value from a specific path, and querying JSON data based on path expressions.
  13. JSONB Comparison Operators: PostgreSQL 15 enhances the JSONB data type with additional comparison operators. You can now compare JSONB values using operators like <, >, <=, and >=, allowing for more advanced filtering and sorting of JSONB data.
  14. JSONB Iteration Functions: PostgreSQL 15 introduces new functions for iterating over JSONB arrays and objects. The jsonb_array_elements and jsonb_each functions allow you to iterate through the elements of a JSONB array or key-value pairs of a JSONB object, enabling more granular processing and analysis of JSONB data.
  15. JSONB Binary Format Improvements: PostgreSQL 15 includes optimizations in the binary representation of JSONB data, resulting in reduced storage space and improved performance for JSONB operations.

These enhancements in PostgreSQL 15 further extend the capabilities of SQL/JSON in the database, providing developers with more powerful tools for working with JSON data. The additional functions, operators, and improvements in performance make it easier to handle, query, and manipulate JSON data efficiently in PostgreSQL.

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