MinervaDB Athena 2020 – Profiling Linux Operations for Performance and Troubleshooting by Tanel Poder

MinervaDB Athena 2020 – Profiling Linux Operations for Performance and Troubleshooting by Tanel Poder

In Athena 2020, Tanel Poder talked about troubleshooting Linux operations performance based on the detailed forensics and evidence collection through0x.tools (Linux Process Snapper from Tanel), Which is a free, open source /proc file system sampling tool which annotates Linux thread handling activities more intuitively. The talk was really interesting for Open Source Database Systems folks who attended the conference because they spend most of their professional hours troubleshooting performance of their Database Infrastructure Operations for optimal performance and also in this talk Tanel’s approach was bottom-up (interpreting performance metrics with Linux probes) compared top-down approach (depending on Database Systems metadata views), You can download the PDF of the talk here

⊗ Profiling Linux Operations for Performance and vTroubleshooting by Tanel Poder


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