MinervaDB Database Platforms Virtual Conference 2020: Call For Papers (CFP)

MinervaDB Database Platforms Virtual Conference 2020: Call For Papers

Friday, 11 December 2020 (09:00 AM PST to 07:00 PM PST)

We are super excited to announce the Call for Papers for MinervaDB Database Platforms Virtual Conference 2020(Friday, 11 December 2020). We are inviting speakers from all aspects of Open Source Database Systems, web-scale Data Platforms, Big Data, NoSQL, SRE and DevOps ecosystem. The virtual conference gives you the luxury of staying home (being with friends / family) and yet attend / speak at an international open source conference. MinervaDB Database Platforms Virtual Conference is community contributed and focussed event for Database Architects, DBAs, Database Engineers, Data Platform Architects / Engineers, NoSQL advocates, DevOps. Engineers, SREs, Technology Architects and CTOs / CIOs. The CFP is open for submissions from September 03, 2020, through November 05, 2020.

Technology focus

  • MySQL
  • InnoDB
  • MariaDB
  • MyRocks
  • RocksDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • ClickHouse
Technology FocusTools and Technologies
LinuxUbuntu, Debian, CentOS, Red Hat Linux, Oracle Linux and SUSE Linux.
MySQLMySQL GA, MySQL Enterprise, InnoDB, MySQL Enterprise Backup, MySQL Cluster CGE, MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Utilities, MySQL Enterprise Audit, MySQL Enterprise Firewall and MySQL Router.
PerconaPercona Server for MySQL, XtraDB, TokuDB, RocksDB, Percona Toolkit, Percona XtraBackup and PMM(Percona Monitoring & Management).
MariaDBMariaDB Server, RocksDB, MariaDB Galera Cluster, MariaDB Backup, MariaDB MaxScale and MariaDB ColumnStore.
PostgreSQLPostgreSQL Performance Benchmarking, Capacity Planning / Sizing, PostgreSQL Performance Optimization, PostgreSQL High Availability / Database Reliability Engineering, PostgreSQL Upgrades / Migration and PostgreSQL Security
Cloud DBA ServicesIaaS and DBaaS including: Oracle Cloud, Google CloudSQL, Amazon Aurora, AWS RDS®, EC2®, Microsoft Azure® and Rackspace® Cloud
Performance Monitoring and Trending PlatformsMySQL Enterprise Monitor, Icinga, Zabbix, Prometheus and Grafana.
High Availability, Scale-Out, Replication and Load BalancerMySQL Group Replication, MySQL Cluster CGE, InnoDB Cluster, Galera Cluster, Percona XtraDB Cluster, MariaDB MaxScale, Continuent Tungsten Replicator, MHA (Master High Availability Manager and tools for MySQL), HAProxy, ProxySQL, MySQL Router and Vitess.
Columnar Database SystemsClickHouse, MariaDB ColumnStore
DevOps. and AutomationVagrant, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ganglia, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Consul, JIRA, Graylog and Grafana.

MinervaDB Database Platforms Virtual Conference 2020 – Call for Papers

Sponsorship Opportunities in ” MinervaDB Database Platforms Virtual Conference 2020 “

The conference will also include presentations by sponsoring companies that operate on the leading edge of open source technology. Many of our sponsors are exceptional leaders of the technology industry and make important contributions towards open source projects. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact sponsorship@minervadb.com 

P.S. –  If you have any questions regarding Call For Paper or the conference, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can contact Kirti Kansara via email at Kirti.kansara@minervadb.com

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