Setting up MariaDB Galera Cluster with MaxScale for high availability and scalability involves several steps, from installing and configuring the Galera nodes to setting up MaxScale as a load balancer. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Install MariaDB on All Nodes

  1. Install MariaDB: Install MariaDB on each server that will be part of the Galera Cluster. Ensure that the version of MariaDB supports Galera.

Step 2: Configure Galera Cluster

  1. Configure my.cnf: On each node, edit the MariaDB configuration file (/etc/my.cnf or /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf) to configure the Galera Cluster settings.
  2. Initialize the First Node: Start the first node with the -wsrep-new-cluster option:
  3. Start Other Nodes: Start MariaDB normally on the other nodes. They should automatically join the cluster.

Step 3: Verify Cluster Status

  • On each node, check the status of the Galera Cluster:
  • Ensure that all nodes are connected and synced.

Step 4: Install and Configure MaxScale

  1. Install MaxScale: Install MaxScale on a separate server that will act as the load balancer and proxy.
  2. Configure MaxScale: Edit the MaxScale configuration file (/etc/maxscale.cnf) to set up load balancing and connection routing.
  3. Create MaxScale User: On each Galera node, create a user for MaxScale with necessary permissions.

Step 5: Start and Verify MaxScale

  • Start the MaxScale service and verify that it is routing connections correctly to the Galera nodes.

Step 6: Client Configuration

  • Configure your database clients to connect to the MaxScale server instead of directly connecting to the Galera nodes.

Step 7: Test Failover and Redundancy

  • Test the failover and redundancy of the setup by simulating node failures and ensuring that MaxScale redirects traffic to the remaining nodes without interruption.


Setting up MariaDB Galera Cluster with MaxScale involves installing and configuring the Galera nodes, setting up MaxScale as a load balancer, and ensuring proper client configuration. This setup ensures high availability and scalability by distributing the load across multiple nodes and providing automatic failover capabilities. Regular testing and monitoring of both the Galera Cluster and MaxScale are crucial to maintain the health and performance of the system.