Submit your ClickHouse tickets to MinervaDB Enterprise Support Team (This service is only available to MinervaDB support customers)

If you are an MinervaDB Support customer, you can use our ticketing system to submit your support tickets, Our highly responsive support team strictly follow the SLA (explained below) committed in the MinervaDB support contract:

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MinervaDB Support SLA

  • Support -levels – We have very well defined support infrastructure operations function:
    • Severity 1– Immediate attention needed, The customer’s business is severely impacted and database infrastructure is unavailable.
      • Response time (SLA) – 30 minutes.
    • Severity 2– Customer database infrastructure is available (up and running) but performance / scalability issues are directly impacting business.
      • Response time (SLA) – 12 hours. 
    • Severity 3– Low impact situation, Customer business and production infrastructure is functioning normally, but the problem is impacting the development ecosystems, also causing delay in production deployment.
      • Response time (SLA) – 24 hours.
    • Severity 4– Low to no impact situation, It is more about knowing the features and capability of components before considering the adoption.
      • Response time (SLA) – 48 hours.  

P.S. – Emergency support requirement ? Please send email directly to Shiv Iyer  – , You can add him on Skype (shiv_askdbexperts /  talk2shiviyer ) or Google Hangouts ( for quick response, Thank you for choosing MinervaDB support !