A Brief History of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL History The object-relational database management system now known as PostgreSQL is derived from the POSTGRES package written at the...

PostgreSQL Indexes

How PostgreSQL Indexes works? PostgreSQL provides several index types: B-tree, Hash, GiST, SP-GiST, GIN and BRIN. Each index type uses...

PostgreSQL Multicolumn Indexes

How Multicolumn Indexes are implemented in PostgreSQL? PostgreSQL supports Multicolumn indexes for performance and reliability. An index can be defined...

Background Worker Processes in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Background Worker Processes PostgreSQL can be extended to run user-supplied code in separate processes. Such processes are started, stopped...

Drop and Recreate PG_STAT_STATEMENTS in PostgreSQL

Drop and Recreate PG_STAT_STATEMENTS in PostgreSQL [crayon-661c89bee8a4e835065727/]

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